DJ CRS? The Drumsmuggla'

Spring 2014 Mix.

Track List coming soon…

Art by :

Just had to add some drumz to this tune so I can roll it out in da clubz!

Recorded live on The Revolution Show 3.24.14

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Aired live on The Linda B. Breakbeat Show on 96.9 FM 3.14.14 
11pm-12am (UK)

Track list:
Depeche Mode - Enojoy The Silence (D.O.H. rmx) - dub
Flock of Seagulls - I Ran (D.O.H. rmx) - dub
Public Enemy - Bring the Noise (D.O.H. rmx) - dub
Mad Cap - Acid Chant (Champion Breaks rmx) - Top Drawer Digital
Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion - Wages of Sin - Warehouse Wax
RadiokillaZ - Fire Dem - dub
King Yoof - Murderer (Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion rmx) - Warehouse Wax
Advesary - dub
The Rumblist - Brokded - Top Drawer Digital
Strange Rollers - Feel the Hurt - Top Drawer Digital
Fleck - A Place for Us - Boomsha
Sticky Fingers - Shadows - Held II Ransom
The Rumblist - Limit - Top Drawer Digital
F.U.G. - Wizardry - Warehouse Wax
Shinehead - Golden Touch (CuRiouS? rmx) - dub

recorded live on The Revolution Show 3.3.14

Track List:
Chili Banks - Pornographic Subconscious (Bay B Kane rmx)
ED EC - Skellington Claw
Marvellous Cain - Hit Man 95 V.I.P. (Daddy Ruff rmx)
Jigsy King, Tony Curtis, & Sean Paul (Getafix rmx)
I.B.P. - Junglist Ritual
DJ L.A.B. - Aint Hard To Tell
Positive Fyah - Requiem For A Soundboy
Mungo’s Hi-Fi - Kung Fu Drunken Dub (The Urbanizer rmx)
Bone Man - Afterglow
DJ L.A.B. - Dont Let Go
Jammin J - Massive And Crew
Armitage Shankz - Someone Loves You
Scenic & Advisory - First Sunrise (Default rmx)
New Koncept vs. DJ SS - Lighter
New Koncept vs. Origin Unknown - Valley Of Shadows
NewKoncept vs. DJ Dextrous - King Of The Jungle
Jahnglist Bwoy - I Am Jungle
Bone Man - Lethal Technique
I.B.P. - Old Skool Veteran
I.B.P. - Wild Minds

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Recorded live on The Revolution Show 2.27.14

Tune in every Monday night 8-11pm (pst) - web - mobile

Recorded live on The Revolution Show 2.27.14

Track list coming …
Tune in every Monday night 8-11pm (pst) - web - mobile

Interview with George Ybarra aka DJ CURIOUS? (Tonz of Drumz / Ghetto Life) Original Junglist of Los Angeles. We talked with CRS? about the early days of the rave scene in LA, the jungle/dnb culture & his current future jungle productions. Follow @djcurious-1 and check the Revolution Show every Monday 8-11PM PST or

Recorded live on The Revolution Show 2.17.14 from The Ghetto Life Studio.
Southside Session #4.

This session I feature the brilliant work of Strange Rollers…one my my fav producers! I drop tunes from his latest album “Break It Down” now available for FREE courtesy of Strange Rollers & Held II Ransom Recs.
at the following link:
you can also follow him at:
This man is constantly making new music of multiple genres and is a master at each and every style. If you like what you hear please check him out and show the man support. Big up Strange Rollers one of my Future Jungle Bredrenz from da UK.

Tune in every Monday night 8-11pm (pst) - web - mobile

Here’s a lil remix I did for my bredren of a many years … MC PREFYX!
Check him out at
Live guitar played by RYZPEACE.